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HEL - Abram
Pennsylvania, United States
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acquiring wolverine claws, agnosticism, anime, atheism, balance, baldyness, barefeet, beans of coolness, beans of ultimate coolness, being alive, being not boring, blasphemy, books, bubble wrap, buddhism, bullet jacks, c'est la vie, cartoons, changling, coffee, comics, computer games, cool beans, creating words, creative thought, creativity, ddr, debate, devils advocate, duct tape, dungeons and dragons, education, empathy, energy, ethics, evil, eyes, fantasy, farting, fire, flirting, fraggle rock, free speech, gaming, getting lost, girls, godhood, history, judaism, junk, karate, kender, larp, life, lunch money, mac & cheese, making applesauce, martial arts, mayhem, meatloaf, megalomania, megaman, minesweeper, mountian dew, nature, nick gentile, nightwish, nocturnal, offending sensibilities, okinawan goju-ryu, paganism, painting mini's, people, philosophy, pouches, prehensile dreadlocks, puns, questions, ranting, rants, rats, reading, religion, role-playing, rush, science fiction, shiny things, singing in my car, sociology, soul searching, sporks, star wars, stars, stick war, sticks, stories, strangeness, sugar, sunsets, sushi, swimming, talking to myself, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terran nukes, the holy helmet, the web of destiny, therapeutic violence, thinking, thunderstorms, truth, utopia, wandering, water, wheel of time, wisdom, world domination, x-men, your mom, ,
I keep thinking. I like to do that, and can never really stop. Sometimes the thoughts are incoherent and other times its a world shaking epiphany that I realize 3 minutes later that someone else came up with it first 200 years ago.

I never said I was original. :)